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The advent of online education ushered in a new era in learning, especially when it came to earning a master’s degree. Why? There are two general truths about earning your master’s degree online – (1) it makes a difference in your ability to advance into higher-paying positions and (2) employers care less about how you earned your degree than they do the school from which you earned it. The University of Scranton’s Kania School of Management is AACSB accredited and enjoys an elite national reputation. You’ll earn your degree from a world-class institution guided by the Jesuit values of ethical and social responsibility, when and where it’s best for you.

Save on Your Online Master’s Degree Now

In partnership with select organizations, The University of Scranton offers a 15% tuition reduction* on graduate online programs if your organization is partnered with our Learning Partner Network. Plus, our transfer credit policy allows up to nine credits to be transferred, depending on the graduate program. Be sure to ask your HR team about the possibility of a tuition reimbursement plan.

The University of Scranton’s fully online and flexible degree program enables you to balance your personal and professional responsibilities while gaining the analysis skills and valuable insights to create positive change for organizations in business, health care, education, and more.

  • Master’s degree holders earn nearly $12,000 more per year than four-year degree holders1
  • Unemployment rate of 1.9% for master’s degree holders1
  • 65% of students believed online learning was the same or better than classroom learning in 20212
  • 68% of online students work full-time or part-time jobs3

Your Purpose, Your Program

University of Scranton’s fully online and flexible degree program enables you to balance your personal and professional responsibilities while gaining the analysis skills and valuable insights to create positive change for organizations in business, health care, education, and more. Scranton enables you to pursue a variety of online master’s degrees and graduate certificates.

12 Credit Hours; 8 Months; $965 Cost Per Credit

Gain the in-demand technology skills to make effective, data-driven decisions in today’s business world.

  • Learn in an interactive online environment
  • Taught by highly qualified faculty
  • AACSB-accredited

12 Credit Hours; 8 Months; $965 Cost Per Credit

Help organizations manage day-to-day activities such as customer relations, finance, procurement, and more.

15 Credit Hours; 10 Months; $920 Cost Per Credit

Develop leadership and ethical decision-making skills to succeed in health administration.

12 Credit Hours; 8 Months; $965 Cost Per Credit

Understand the supply chain factors that directly affect profitability.

12 Credit Hours; 8 Months; $757 Cost Per Credit

Use medical systems, software, and databases to streamline processes, increase fiscal performance, and improve patient care.

30 Credit Hours; 1.5 Years; $895 Cost Per Credit

Master the factors that influence the principles of accounting while gaining the soft skills that contribute to success.


Earn a CAHME-accredited degree that prepares you to lead healthcare organizations and make critical decisions affecting patient care.

Specializations include:

  • Health Informatics
  • Global Health

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years; $965 Cost Per Credit

Master the theory and skills business leaders need to optimize processes, increase value, and make ethical decisions.

Specializations include:

  • Accounting
  • Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business
  • Operations Management

65 Credit Hours; 2.5 Years; $965 Cost Per Credit

Gain dual master’s degrees and maximize your influence as a leader in the business of healthcare.

30 Credit Hours; 18 Months; $965 Cost Per Credit

Develop effective, data-driven problem-solving skills and help businesses create efficient, informed processes to grow their reach.


Gain a complete understanding of securities, markets, risk metrics, investment criteria and capital budgeting.

Specializations include:

  • Corporate Finance and Investments
  • Financial Analytics


Work at the intersection of computer science and healthcare to inform practitioners and improve patient care.

CAHIIM Accredited Program**

Specializations include:

  • Data Analytics


Manage employee performance and success with effective decision-making and strategic planning in human resource management.

Our Vision

The University of Scranton will be boldly driven by a shared commitment to excellence. We will provide a superior, transformational learning experience, preparing students who, in the words of Jesuit founder St. Ignatius Loyola, will “set the world on fire.”

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Learn When and Where It’s Best for You

Whether you’re a recent graduate or are returning to school after taking a break, earning your master’s degree online shouldn’t mean interrupting your career or pushing the pause button on your life. At The University of Scranton, online learning comes at the crossroads of opportunity and flexibility. You’ll be part of a collaborative community of learners and have access to the same student services and networking opportunities as you would on campus to ensure you have the support needed to reach your personal and/or professional goals.

Curriculum Designed to Meet Your Needs

The top two reasons why experienced professionals pursue a master’s degree are (1) to change careers and (2) to advance in their current career. Regardless of your reason, Scranton ensures every online master’s degree and post-graduate certificate is founded on the same rigorous curriculum and high-quality experiences enjoyed on campus. Each program is based on a holistic approach that encourages students to use their ambition to promote justice and the common good.

Why Earn Your Online Master’s with Scranton?

Do you want to maximize your earning potential? How about advance in your field, transition to a more senior position, or enhance your professional network? If so, then a master’s degree from Scranton should be part of your plan. The numbers are clear — data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows more stable employment for professionals with a master’s degree. What’s more, the average salary for master’s degree holders is 16% higher than for bachelor’s degree holders.1 Regardless of where you’re going — get a job, keep a job, make more money, fulfill your intellectual potential — Scranton is here to help you get there.

Top 10 Careers That Require a Master’s Degree (Avg. Annual Salary)4

  1. Computer and Information Research Scientist ($100,376)
  2. Finance Manager ($99,781)
  3. Healthcare Administrator ($77,857)
  4. Financial Manager ($82,566)
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning Developer ($87,344)
  6. Supply Chain Manager ($87,668)
  7. Information Technology Manager ($92,037)
  8. Business Operations Manager ($84,936)
  9. Human Resource Manager ($73,324)
  10. Health and Safety Manager ($83,028)

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*Must be an employee or member of an organization in the university’s Learning Partner Network. Tuition discount applies only to University of Scranton online programs and may vary by program. This discount is for tuition only and cannot be combined with any other tuition discounts or institutional scholarships. To confirm tuition discount and program details, please consult a program manager at Information presented may be revised without notice.

**The University of Scranton’s Kania School of Management is AACSB accredited.